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Meet Leah

Bookkeeping Associate

Leah started working at Citizen’s Bank right out of high school. During her 10-year career, she worked as a customer service representative, a vault teller, a loan officer, a head teller, and an assistant branch manager.

Leah retired from banking in 2007 so she could raise a family. Ranging in age from four to 16, Leah has two sons and three daughters. She spends all of her time chasing after her five busy kids as well as volunteering at their schools, at her church, and in her community.


  • Leah is a huge concert fan. She goes to at least 6 or more a year, mainly country music concerts.
  • Her family currently has a dachshund named Olyve, three cats (Ginger, Patches, and Rooster), and a leopard gecko named Hazel Bruce. If it was up to Leah, they would have many more pets, but her husband said no more.
  • Traveling is another thing that Leah is passionate about. She likes to plan as many trips as possible with her large family. She is hoping to travel to Europe in the next few years.
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